The U.S. is facing an intensifying climate crisis, unprecedented racial injustice, a global pandemic, and massive unemployment. That’s why we need a bold plan to put millions of people back to work and build a more just economy. With a new political landscape in our nation’s Capitol, this is the moment to take on these interlocking crises head on. The THRIVE Act offers an opportunity to transform our society so that each of us, and future generations, can live dignified lives.

HR 2523, the THRIVE Act, was introduced in Congress on April 14, 2021. Read the bill text here.

What is THRIVE?

“The THRIVE Agenda recognizes that our crises are interconnected and our solutions must be as well. We do not have the luxury of addressing mass unemployment, climate change, racial injustice, or public health in isolation.” — Sierra Club Director Ben Beachy

The THRIVE (Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy) Act is a roadmap to recovery that would put millions of people back to work building an economy that prioritizes the overlapping crises of racial injustice, mass unemployment, public health, and climate change. This bill could shape our society for generations to come.

THRIVE would:

  • Invest $10 trillion to create nearly 16 million good-paying union jobs 
  • Uplift Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities
  • Avert climate and environmental catastrophe 
  • Ensure fairness for workers and communities affected by economic transitions

Why CCAN Action Fund Supports It

An analysis from PERI economists at UMass-Amherst outlines how THRIVE would support everything from building affordable clean public housing and transit, to replacing lead pipes. The analysis also finds that the bill would wind and solar power, as well as food sustainably on family farms. 

The report estimates THRIVE would create over five million jobs rebuilding our broken infrastructure, over four million jobs expanding clean renewable energy and energy efficiency, over four million jobs investing in land restoration and regenerative agriculture, and over two million jobs supporting the care economy and vital public services. Another 1.5 million new jobs would be in manufacturing.

Where Is It Now?

“You can be sure we’ll make it a top priority to pass a just economic renewal bill following the principles of THRIVE to confront climate change, economic inequality, and racial justice.” — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

President Biden campaigned on an all-government approach to addressing climate change. That’s because the THRIVE Agenda is a framework to mobilize every government instrument to tackle the climate crisis, while providing justice and equity for all workers, families, and communities. It would also have a positive impact on historical and present racial injustices. 

Nearly 100 members of Congress have already co-sponsored THRIVE. Major supporters in the Senate include Senators Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, and Ed Markey. In the House, the co-leads include: Representatives Deb Haaland, Debbie Dingell, Donald McEachin, Sheila Jackson Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Raul Grijalva, Rosa DeLauro, Brendan Boyle, Barbara Lee, Ilhan Omar, and Ro Khanna.

We need the THRIVE Agenda. It meets the needs of the moment.

Take Action

Questions? Contact Quentin Scott,

Our friends at Green New Deal Network have set up a call action so you can contact your representative about this bill. Make the call. It’ll only take a minute.