Gov. Moore Jumpstarts Climate Programs by Revealing Breakdown of $90 Million Investment

The one-time injection of cash to reduce emissions is a down payment on the Governor's commitment to invest $1 billion a year to address climate change

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Maryland Governor Wes Moore announced today how his administration will invest the $90 million he has committed to spending to address carbon pollution in 2024. This one-time use of funds is designed to jumpstart the programs that the Governor included in his Climate Pollution Reduction Plan. The level of investment is intended to ramp up in coming years until it reaches $1 billion a year dedicated to hitting the state’s carbon pollution reduction mandates.  

“This is an important first step in Maryland’s journey to a clean energy economy. The $90 million Governor Moore is investing in climate solutions today, a down payment on the $1 billion a year that he has committed to investing in getting Maryland off fossil fuels, will help lower energy costs, reduce air pollution, and bring good jobs to the state,” said Jamie DeMarco, Maryland Director at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Action Fund. 

Today’s announcement offered this breakdown of how the $90 million will be spent:   

  • $50 million will be used to help large buildings decarbonize, with a focus on low and moderate income multi-family buildings. This investment pairs well with the Building Energy Performance Standards that Governor Moore has enacted, which require buildings over 35,000 square feet to eliminate their on site emissions by 2040. 
  • $23 million will be invested in building more electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure throughout the state. This investment complements the Clean Cars II program that Governor Moore has championed, which requires all new vehicles sold in Maryland to be zero emission by 2035. 
  • $17 million will help schools purchase all-electric school buses. Few investments have more immediate health benefits for children than transitioning from diesel buses to electric buses.

The Moore Administration is strategically investing funds into the programs that need to be ramped up tenfold to meet our climate pollution reduction mandates. Today’s announcement is an important step forward in achieving Governor Moore’s commitment to investing $1 billion a year in climate solutions. 

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The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Action Fund is dedicated to driving change in public policies at the local, state and national level to address the climate crisis. Through voter education, lobbying, and participation in the electoral process, we seek to advance our country’s leadership in the global movement towards clean energy solutions — focusing our efforts primarily in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.