Families’ Demand for Biden: ‘Grow a Spine!’ Demonstration in Downtown DC Shows Why President Must Do More On Build Back Better Act

DC Demonstration Shows Why President Must Do More On Build Back Better Act – and Why Lobbyists Must Drop Opposition: #SpineForBiden

(WASHINGTON, DC) – On Monday, January 31 at 7:30am, families, activists, and local leaders held a demonstration to pressure President Biden to pull out all the stops on the Build Back Better Act, as he did on the infrastructure bill. They also pressured powerful lobbyists No Labels to drop their opposition to Build Back Better. The coalition held space with giant art pieces and banners in a street near Black Lives Matter Plaza and then march to No Labels’ office on Connecticut Ave. NW.

The event featured a children’s play area, demonstrating the need to extend the child tax credit and pass child care investments; the painting of bus lanes to call for investment in public transportation; “Spineless Citations” for the president; the Too Much Talent band; speakers sharing personal experiences illustrating why Build Back Better is essential to their families; and a breakfast station to demand a country that feeds and funds communities instead of funding wars. Activists showed the hypocrisy of the Biden administration, which had enough backbone for the fossil fuel-heavy infrastructure bill and for the largest military spending bill ever ($768 billion), yet has been unwilling to prioritize programs that support people, families, and climate justice.

“American families, particularly women, are done waiting. President Biden must grow a spine and do more to support the Build Back Better Act.” stated LaDon Love, a mother and Executive Director for SPACEs In Action. “We are facing decades of underinvestment that have promoted racial and gender economic inequality and the Build Back Better Act provides the key investments that will protect families struggling to survive.”

WHEN: Monday, January 31, 2022, 7:30 am EST to 9:30 am EST

 WHAT: #SpineForBiden demonstration demanding Biden pull out all the stops for the Build Back Better Act

 WHERE: Meet at Black Lives Matter Plaza

The event will also be livestreamed via Facebook here.

 WHO: Child care educators, families, children, cultural artists and advocates with SPACES in Action, ShutDownDC, Arm In Arm DC and CODEPINK.


Media Contacts: communications@spacesinaction.org  and kc@chesapeakeclimate.org

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