Electrify NOW: Rally for Maryland’s Future

Last week, the IPCC put out another startling report, highlighting that we are not doing enough to mitigate climate change. Meanwhile, our top priority bill — Climate Solutions Now — passed out of committee Friday with amendments that undermine the urgency and boldness we need.

On Monday, March 14, we’ll be rallying in Annapolis with a week left before a critical legislative deadline when bills need to have passed at least one chamber to have a solid chance of moving forward. Legislators (typically) go into session at 8:00 PM on Monday nights, so we’ll be catching them on their way to the floor. This is a key opportunity to make an impression on them while we still have a chance!

As this is an evening rally, please bring hand held lights with you to help bring attention to our gathering. Also, even though COVID transmission levels are low and many localities are rescinding their mask mandates, out of an abundance of caution we are still asking that you wear a mask at this event.

Who: You and climate activists from across the state
What: A rally to push back against delays on state climate action
When: Monday, March 14th at 7:00 PM
Where: Lawyer’s Mall, Annapolis (Bladen Street and College Avenue)
Why: The IPCC has made it clear that we have no more time to delay climate action. Our legislators need to hear the alarm from us, the people!