CCANers Show up for Democracy and Climate Justice

A broad coalition advocated for campaign finance reform. "When big money wins, Virginians loose."

A broad coalition gathered at VA Democracy Day and advocated for campaign finance reform. They chanted, “when big money wins, Virginians lose.”

This was a busy week in Richmond for our allies and “Action Members” of the CCAN Action Fund. On Tuesday, we joined a coalition of good governance organizations calling for campaign finance reform in Virginia. Our state ranks 43rd out of 51 in the Coalition for Intergrity’s campaign finance index.

CCAN AF VA Director, Victoria Higgins

Over the years we have seen fossil fuel companies influence elected officials for the worse–preventing climate action and ratepayer reforms. CCAN state director Victoria Higgins said it best: “What do climate action and a strong democracy have to do with one another? Everything.”

On Thursday, CCANers showed up in Richmond to advocate for clean and affordable energy with the Energy Burden Coalition. Virginians face some of the highest utility bills in the nation and overwhelmingly support clean energy. According to the Virginia Poverty Law Center three out of four Virginians face unaffordable energy bills. Yet in 2022 Dominion and Appalachian Power raised our bills by $20 and $30 a month respectively. We need legislative action. 

CCAN Action Fund is lobbying for the bipartisan Affordable Energy Act, a simple bill to re-empower state regulators to reduce rates when utilities over earn. The AEA is patroned by a familiar duo: Senator Jennifer McClellan and Delegate Rip Sullivan, patrons of the 2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act.

“Can we do it? Yes we C-can!” CCAN NoVA New Leaf Chant

Two members of the CCAN Northern VA New Leaf Team brought the energy to Richmond. On of them, Bob, had this to say: “Meeting with our state legislators is not just energizing, it is a vital part of making our democracy work. Each voice advocating for climate solutions gets us closer to our goals. Stay active!”

We will be back at it again for the Virginia Conservation Network’s Lobby day on Tuesday January 31st!  Register here.

Below: Climate Champion, Senator Rip Sullivan, at the Day of Action for Affordable Energy.


Below: These northern VA constituents came to their first lobby day, traveling to Richmond at 5:30 AM, to make their voices heard.


Below: Group shot of the Energy Burden Coalition with Senator Rip Sullivan, Senator Surovell, and Delegate Subramanyam.

Delegate Subramanyam talked about how climate action is a moral imperative for future generations.