Don’t wait for the ballot box: Take a stand for clean energy candidates now


The elections are really heating up in Maryland. From your local elections to the gubernatorial race, voting this fall is going to be more important than ever.

And now, YOU have the opportunity to let your candidates know what you care about most: a clean, healthy, livable future for everyone in Maryland. But, we need your help. How? By using the power of social media to influence your friends – and the candidates running in Maryland, that we can’t wait any longer for progress on clean energy. We’ve seen the climate crisis is fueling extreme weather across the country this year – from floods, hurricanes, wildfires and more. We need to take action NOW in order to make a difference in this fight. Won’t you join us?

Clean Energy Voter sized for twitter


Step 1: Sign the pledge to be a Clean Energy Voter:

Step 2: Watch this Clean Energy Voter video – and share it with your friends! 

Step 3: Use your social media to encourage your friends to become Clean Energy Voters too, and to influence candidates running for office to support clean energy this November.


(You can click to post, or post your own message and attach a meme in this folder, ones sized for Facebook are clearly named “For Facebook” in the Google Drive folder)

**We also have a Facebook frame that you can use to overlay on top of your own Facebook profile picture to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act.**

Facebook Frame Instructions:

  1. Open Facebook, “Like” the page CCAN Action Fund to be able to easily find our frame, then go to your page

  2. Hover over your profile picture and select “Update Profile Picture”

  3. Select the option to “Add Frame”

  4. Search in the search box for “Clean Energy Voter” by CCAN Action Fund

  5. Select “Use” and you’re done!


(You can click to tweet, or tweet your own message and attach a meme from this folder, these are clearly named “For Twitter” in the Google Drive folder)

More About the Clean Energy Jobs Act: 

The Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act would ensure that 50% of Maryland’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2030, building a pathway to a 100% renewable energy future. This same legislation will fund clean energy workforce development to establish career pathways for more Maryland workers to fill this growing industry. The mandate will also invest in clean energy businesses owned by women, veterans, and people of color to ensure that this growing economy is inclusive and just. Lastly, the legislation will phase out incentives for trash incineration in the Renewable Portfolio Standard to move Maryland closer toward being a state powered by the sun. In 2018, we built a coalition of over 650 community, labor, faith, and business groups supporting the CEJA. With 77 cosponsors in the House of Delegates and 24 cosponsors in the Senate during the 2018 General Assembly, we will use that momentum to pass this legislation in the 2019 session. Learn more about the bill here:

To learn more about the details of our legislation visit the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative website here:

Have questions about using this social media campaign or the Clean Energy Jobs Act? Contact CCAN Action Fund’s Communications Associate Stacy Miller at